The Coronavirus Age

David Honeybell

How will it be remembered, this Coronavirus,
where will it fit in the world’s history.
Where did it come from, where did it start
the answer might forever remain a mystery.

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Lifted Fog


Fog lifted from the eyepieces in my head,
I see clearly now, for this moment, I see
it all for now.

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The Role of Ramadhan

Sahera Patel

Violent harangues of hunger pangs,
Solemnly supressed by invoking hands.

Tired, listless, lethargic limbs,
Silently cleanse the soul from sins.

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Women Are Power

Neha Jasmine Rodrigues

To all the women out there as we step closer to Women’s day, I have a poem for you, to the person you are, remember you at beautiful and empowered.. more power to you beautiful…

We want equal rights
Shouted women
Who wanted to be equal to men
Sadly not realising
We claiming to be degraded
Coz women are special
And more powerful than men

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A Poem For International Women’s Day

Jem Tovey

In 60’s America, they were urged to burn their bras;
Now in Saudi Arabia, they’re still banned from driving cars.
Mary Wollstonecroft wrote “A Vindication” in 1792,
But now in 2020, mysogyny’s still a view.

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Early Morning (Ode to Batley Park)

Garry Kitchin

Early morning walk in the park,
Shrouded in silence,
Cloaked in the dark.
The end of the night is ushered by
Venus, our lady, alone in the sky.
She watches dark fade,
The death of the night.
The day soon reborn,
Washing shadows with light.

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A Locked-In Birthday


It feels like you are very far,
But you always remain in our heart.
”Enjoy your day and eat lots of cake as we say”.
It’s a shame we can’t awake you with a morning call
To ambush you into the wall.

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Oh Not To Be In England


(with apologies to Robert Browning)

Part 1 – Past

Oh not to be in England
Now that Thatcher’s here
Selling off the council houses
In the hopes the poor might disappear.

Oh not to be in England as she carries on her reign
Levelling up the country
With poll tax
So we all can pay the same

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