Sahera Patel

Have you ever felt the melodious bird song lifting up your tired wings?
Have you ever felt the power of sunbeams healing every aching limb?
Have you ever felt the celestial hymn easing the chaos in your mind?
Have you ever felt the strength of hope replacing despair with a smile?

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Art for Art’s Sake

Jem Tovey

All that art and culture’s not for the likes of us,
We’re listening to rap not Puccini on the Clapham omnibus.
Lacking the kudos of a private education,
We’re all posting on Facebook at the railway station.

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Poets Gather For Interfaith Events

The Batley Poets have held two events this year to mark Interfaith Week 2019.

The two-hour events, in Batley and Huddersfield, were held to bring together a diverse group of individuals and poets to share in the universality of poetry that binds them all. 

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Wot – No Rhyme!

Patricia Kelley

The Batley Poets society
Caused a sense of anxiety
When they said ‘It is time
For poems with no rhyme,
In the interests of aural variety.’

Rioteous Rant


I live in anger, in hatred, I was born into
shouting, vile insults and outbursts,
and when I step out into the world
the world spits back just as worse.
The grass is only greener on the planet
where confusion, ammunition, panic,
murder, explosions, execution,
are non-existent,

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Stay Angry


Stay angry
Let it drive your actions and deeds
Stay angry
Do not fade gently into old age

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The Walls Speak

Mohammed Barber

From left to right
The walls speak,
Speak with anger
The voices who have
No pen nor paper
But walls, tunnels, and trains

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Bench Poets Natter to Successful First Season

The Bench Poets have had a successful first season promoting ‘Happy to Natter’ benches across Kirklees.

Benches are used every day by thousands of people to have lunch, read, or just pass the time. Often, people sit in silence or by themselves, but a bench is more than just a place to sit. It is a powerful tool to bring people together, even if it is just for a moment. This is the principle behind the ‘Happy to Natter’ benches initiative from Kirklees Community Plus.

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