by Bilal Saloo

Inhaling the scent of melted wax, of candles,

lit and burned down to their plate,

forever present, an aroma lingers in moving air,  Continue reading “Flame”

Time Waits For No Woman

by Judith Greenwood

On Monday I got ready for the bus.

As I set off, I found a little stone

In my right shoe. I took it out.

That made me late.

I missed the bus. Continue reading “Time Waits For No Woman”

It’s England vs India

by The Lady In The Office

It’s England v India
Who do I support
Continue reading “It’s England vs India”


by Baldrick

Sometimes the knife twists
Or the pill
Is the bitterest
Or the path has snapped
And you find yourself back
At the beginning
The mind is convoluted Continue reading “Convoluted”

A Story In A Poem – The Sun Does Not Shine For Me

by Sophie Patel

Oh how your face became a blur
The more and more distant you were.
Oh how I tried so hard
To remember, your face, your smile, your laugh.
Oh how I sat in the corner of my room and cried
no sound just tears
So no one can hear. Continue reading “A Story In A Poem – The Sun Does Not Shine For Me”

Receipts Galore

By Tahera Mayat

Would you like a receipt?

The cashier asks me

I know I should say no

It’s not at all important Continue reading “Receipts Galore”

Old Love

By Jackie Darnbrough

Threads of shared sepia memories

bind us together.

We share painful moments

in our arthritic haze. Continue reading “Old Love”

Bragging Rights!

by Mohamed Saloo

Took my seat
In the Tomlinson stand
Nerves ran wild
In this new-ish fan
It’s derby day
The neighbours are here
Bragging rights
More than points are dear Continue reading “Bragging Rights!”