The Cherished Town Library

by Mohamed Saloo

Across the square of towns old-gold

A stroll up steps to Carnegie’s soul

A caressing hand on door-frame-wood

Graced by an awe as truly one should


Footsteps stroll whilst eyes they gaze

A vision lit up by the afternoon rays

Carvings of art; the swirling stairs

A balcony; elegant with body sunk chairs


Book shelf soldiers, newspaper pews

An area for children and the rest of us too!

An allowance for culture where artist may share

A place to stand, ponder and stare


Arch ways stand like a time piece torn

History’s wealth in timber reborn

Of what was once and is here still

The character embedded inspires a thrill


Fingers stroll over banister rails

Feet glide soundly on a balcony trail

Windows so elegant, where dreams can fly

Carved in yesteryear – pleasant to the eye


A Library? Nay, this mortars much more

A community? Yes, without doubt, for sure

The character, the elegance, the vision to see

The cherished town library of Carnegie

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