A Market Memory

Mohamed Saloo

A child I was
With mum and dad
Developing memories 
Of times we had
A walk from home 
An afternoon spent
A stroll past chimneys
Of biscuit scent

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Internal Debate

by Tahera Mayat

I want to go to the funfair

But aren’t you a bit old?

I could go to the dodgems

Or you could dodge the fair?

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Save Batley Library

by Mohamed Saloo

Save our library! Shout it loud
This jewel of Batley makes us proud
The retreat for reading and things of fun
A haven of safety for everyone
Greetings of warmth, pleasant through smiles
Crafted beauty in a timeless style
Activities and groups and clubs meet too
Artist exhibits to fascinate you
Popular as always if not even more
Our library is precious from the roof to the floor
So HANDS OFF! We say with passions raised high
This library is a need to all our lives
With memories treasured safe in hand
For every child, woman and man

Dear Council of what we call Kirklees
We plead our case for cuts to cease
We’ve grown and watched our services go
Emptying buildings lined in a row

Plead dear Councillors for the want of your ward!
Listen with care to what we adore
Answer the call your voters ask of you
The library service is the building too!

Stand dear people of Batley wide
Let us stand together side by side
Link arms in a chain, stand proud and tall
To save Batley Library let’s give it our all!

For The Love Of Books

by Jackie Darnbrough

They provide paths

for a hesitant mind,

to search for answers

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Those Unsung Special Folk

by Mohamed Saloo

T’was the day before New Year
In a magical little town
Where lived a flock of volunteers
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It’s Cool For Tykes

by Jem Tovey

The girls fall out of Legends,
With their skirts up to their necks.
The lads are busy scrapping
In their two-tone, tonic keks. Continue reading “It’s Cool For Tykes”

More In Common

by Graeme Rayner

Here in Batley and Spen we’ve a diverse community
Regardless of race, religion or background you get no immunity
From overcoming the problem as part of the solution
As we all join as one in our home’s evolution Continue reading “More In Common”


by Mohamed Saloo

Sundials viewed with a torch held high

A breath of depth and a glint in the eye

The tick and the tock, or digital glow

Minutes count down till seconds only show

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