For The Love Of Books

by Jackie Darnbrough

They provide paths

for a hesitant mind ,

to search for answers

when the page is turned Continue reading “For The Love Of Books”

Those Unsung Special Folk

by Mohamed Saloo

T’was the day before New Year
In a magical little town
Where lived a flock of volunteers
Who worked the year all round Continue reading “Those Unsung Special Folk”

It’s Cool For Tykes

by Jem Tovey

The girls fall out of Legends,
With their skirts up to their necks.
The lads are busy scrapping
In their two-tone, tonic keks. Continue reading “It’s Cool For Tykes”

More In Common

by Graeme Rayner

Here in Batley and Spen we’ve a diverse community
Regardless of race, religion or background you get no immunity
From overcoming the problem as part of the solution
As we all join as one in our home’s evolution Continue reading “More In Common”


by Mohamed Saloo

Sundials viewed with a torch held high

A breath of depth and a glint in the eye

The tick and the tock, or digital glow

Minutes count down till seconds only show

Continue reading “#BatleyHour”

This Once Sacred Space

by Mohammed Barber

The time of the bi-annual pilgrimage again
Scores of men descend and break their abstain

On this day of merriment and feasting
To the dead they extend a greeting Continue reading “This Once Sacred Space”

Time Waits For No Woman

by Judith Greenwood

On Monday I got ready for the bus.

As I set off, I found a little stone

In my right shoe. I took it out.

That made me late.

I missed the bus. Continue reading “Time Waits For No Woman”

A Story In A Poem – The Sun Does Not Shine For Me

by Sophie Patel

Oh how your face became a blur
The more and more distant you were.
Oh how I tried so hard
To remember, your face, your smile, your laugh.
Oh how I sat in the corner of my room and cried
no sound just tears
So no one can hear. Continue reading “A Story In A Poem – The Sun Does Not Shine For Me”