Big Boys Don’t Cry

Colin Hicks

Big Boys Don’t Cry, said Dad
when I fell from the swing,
fell on my head at his feet

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Internal Debate

by Tahera Mayat

I want to go to the funfair

But aren’t you a bit old?

I could go to the dodgems

Or you could dodge the fair?

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The Importance of Finding Magic In This World

by Shreya

As a child I liked Harry Potter,
I waited to find out that I was a wizard,
The day never came,
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Turning 19

By Krinza Momin

Love, likeness, lust and attraction.
Jealousy, hatred, grudges, depression.
Dating, relations, heartbreaks and tension.
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My Batley

by Anas Daji

My home town, my beautiful town

The special place where I was born

Where I learned to tell the truth

Where I learned to love the world

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by Ammaarah Mayet

Smile and the world smiles with you

And I promise you, they will do

Don’t waste your life by doing wrong

Those happy times won’t last for long

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Batley Wilton Park

by Safiyyah Patel

Oh park, oh park! What joy you bring

Making beautiful birds tweet and merrily sing.

Delighted children, happy and screaming

Whilst the scorching sun is blissfully beaming.

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