by Tahera Mayat

Time is ticking away
Today is deadline day
You regret previous procrastination
But there is no time for frustration Continue reading “Deadlines”

Exam Room

by Tahera Mayat

You can cut the tension with a knife

Exams are often a big part of life

But fear not as invigilators are on hand

So don’t panic or bury your head in the sand! Continue reading “Exam Room”

Turning 19

By Krinza Momin

Love, likeness, lust and attraction.
Jealousy, hatred, grudges, depression.
Dating, relations, heartbreaks and tension.
That’s how she wasted some years being teenager. Continue reading “Turning 19”

Good To Be Busy?

by Tahera Mayat

Scribbling away, losing track of time

Then I hear the library clock chime

Must dash, I’ve got a train to catch!

Get to the door, undo the latch

Continue reading “Good To Be Busy?”