The Power of History

Fehinti Ojelabi

I once knew a man who rose above the ordinary.

Who without a doubt thought before he spoke and read before he thought

Even though he is no longer with us,

He would live a thousand years and much more;

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The Love of My Life

Jem Tovey

With apologies to Elizabeth Barratt Browning,
I’ve discovered the antidote to sadness and frowning.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,
You’re in my heart eternally, this is not a passing phase. Continue reading “The Love of My Life”

Keep Down That Wall

Marie Niland

Sadness evident in them blue pools
You’re drowning aren’t you inside
Everything getting very heavy
Hard I know when you have pride
Silently; you try martyr on
Not drawing attention to bloodshed tears you’ve cried

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Big Boys Don’t Cry

Colin Hicks

Big Boys Don’t Cry, said Dad
when I fell from the swing,
fell on my head at his feet

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Keeping Cool

Justine Young

“Mum!” they shriek
Wriggling like worms,
“We can’t stand still for sun cream,
We promise we won’t burn.
But can we play out in our pants?
That will keep us cool.
We know, no cream, no playing out,
But it’s too hot for that rule!”

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Sonnet 2, The Helpers

by Bilal Saloo

Your name will not be etched in history,
nor your life written for all to debate,
In time you will be left a memory,
But your actions will outlive any fate. Continue reading “Sonnet 2, The Helpers”

The Day We Met

by L. Parker

You warmed my heart.
I would always think of you when we spent time apart.
Your hazy eyes and enchanting smile,
All the little things you do makes every thing worthwhile… Continue reading “The Day We Met”

Those Unsung Special Folk

by Mohamed Saloo

T’was the day before New Year
In a magical little town
Where lived a flock of volunteers
Who worked the year all round Continue reading “Those Unsung Special Folk”