by Mohamed Saloo

Vimto waterfalls
Freefalling to the sea
Pink and white marshmallows
Perched upon a tree
Lime green laces
Form meadows on a hill
Flying on a unicorn
Is really such a thrill Continue reading “Escape”

A Community Picnic

Mohamed Saloo

He’s my dad
He’s my son
I’m full of energy
I’m all done
There’s food to be had
True that be
I’ll walk it off
It’s Gaviscon for me!

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I Am Being Haunted By Cake

Bilal Saloo

I am being haunted by cake.

In the morning when I wake,
I can taste it on the tip of my tongue

I’m woken to the smell of coffee and toffee cakes,
of lemon drizzle, chocolate puddings, red-velvet, ice-cream, battenberg…

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Sweet Tooth

by Bilal Saloo

The sugary treats and sweets

were never far from my list,

or my fingers that reached

for the sweet jelly lips, Continue reading “Sweet Tooth”

Good To Be Busy?

by Tahera Mayat

Scribbling away, losing track of time

Then I hear the library clock chime

Must dash, I’ve got a train to catch!

Get to the door, undo the latch

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Chocolate Desire

by Tahera Mayat

I have a strong desire for chocolate

A passion that just won’t go away

I love the melting sensation in my mouth

The passion grows stronger each day

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