The sun reaches through clouds scattered across the vast Southern African sky, as though announcing the arrival of angels, nourishing my starving, sleeping soul. strands of white heat touch cold orange sand and a lizard pauses to absorb the dying day. The Continue reading “Home”

The Zombie

by Chris Hall (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)

Once upon a midnight dire I sat beside the soothing fire,
Supping on a meaty stew the cook prepared the day before.
Around the house my family slept whilst through my thoughts a silence crept,
As I admired the firelight dancing o’er the polished hardwood floor.
I paid fifty dollars for my newly polished hardwood floor,
This it cost and nothing more. Continue reading “The Zombie”

Homeless and Hopeless

by David Honeybell

It’s so quiet and peaceful to sleep under the stars,
on a warm summer’s night you can sleep feeling easy.
Until at three in the morning, just before light,
the birds in their roosts, awake and take flight. Continue reading “Homeless and Hopeless”


by Bilal Saloo

Inhaling the scent of melted wax, of candles,

lit and burned down to their plate,

forever present, an aroma lingers in moving air,  Continue reading “Flame”

Time Waits For No Woman

by Judith Greenwood

On Monday I got ready for the bus.

As I set off, I found a little stone

In my right shoe. I took it out.

That made me late.

I missed the bus. Continue reading “Time Waits For No Woman”

A Story In A Poem – The Sun Does Not Shine For Me

by Sophie Patel

Oh how your face became a blur
The more and more distant you were.
Oh how I tried so hard
To remember, your face, your smile, your laugh.
Oh how I sat in the corner of my room and cried
no sound just tears
So no one can hear. Continue reading “A Story In A Poem – The Sun Does Not Shine For Me”

Old Love

By Jackie Darnbrough

Threads of shared sepia memories

bind us together.

We share painful moments

in our arthritic haze. Continue reading “Old Love”


By Cei Ranches

I tried to conquer the world

Even with such a frail sword

Lost in most of the battles

And shed a bucket full of tears Continue reading “Soon”