For The Love Of Books

by Jackie Darnbrough

They provide paths

for a hesitant mind ,

to search for answers

when the page is turned Continue reading “For The Love Of Books”

Those Unsung Special Folk

by Mohamed Saloo

T’was the day before New Year
In a magical little town
Where lived a flock of volunteers
Who worked the year all round Continue reading “Those Unsung Special Folk”

The Last Time

by Jane Griffin

There’s a last time…
A last time you see someone;
A last time you smile and they smile back;
A last time you hug; Continue reading “The Last Time”

The Old String Vest

by David Honeybell

I can remember as if it was yesterday,

Gran’dad wearing his old string vest.

It was quite tight across his belly,

but much slacker across his chest. Continue reading “The Old String Vest”

Memories Restored

by Jackie Darnbrough


lost memories,

in sepia restored,

clad in khaki,  fodder for foes



by Bilal Saloo

Inhaling the scent of melted wax, of candles,

lit and burned down to their plate,

forever present, an aroma lingers in moving air,  Continue reading “Flame”