Derwent Water

Suleman Hadi

Upon the Derwent I shall row
You sit in stern, and I in bow
Let’s drift away then wave by wave,
Play hide and seek in high and low.

I whisper, things I dare not say,
You blush, you smile, and look away,
Our eyes meet in waves beneath,
And this is how we play, all day.

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The River

Jayne Holroyd

I flow, purely on impulse,
pulled along the valley bottom,
I look up to the luscious, vibrant hills,
they encroach the river bank,
shadows engulfing my pure, crystal water.

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Let Go

Sophie Patel

She walks the beach
To find her peace,
but a heavy weight keeps her at bay;
a rope around her leg attached to an Anchor.

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by Peter Irvine

I’ve planted trees
most of my life.
I’ve planted something
for future times. Continue reading “Trees”


by Binti Muhammed

If I was a bird I would perch myself on the green dome and whisper words of love to you
If I was a bird I would fly around the world commendation you to everyone Continue reading “If…….”

Oh How The Birds Tweet

by Khareef

Oh how the birds tweet,

I heard them first as a child;

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Pregnant Sun

by Fifi Ojelabi

Pregnant Sun
Why bring so much heat?
After the rain gave us African beats
During Midday, your glow prevails
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by Jackie Darnbrough

In mirrored sheen of raindrops,

silken on flagstones ,

morning birdsong through lace leaves.

Cloudscape opening

on a  pallid shallow sky,

scent from early dewed grass