The White Privilege

Sahera Patel

A cherished childhood spent cocooned in my inward-looking community,
Protected me from the indoctrination of a white-privileged history.
But when I stepped into a world where brown was under-represented
My identity…Was molested.
My speech, skin, hair and dress, seemed to cause the white man stress.
And brown was a tan on the white man’s skin,

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First World Problems

by Jem Tovey

You will not be able to turn on, log in and shop online at Waitrose, brother.
You will not be able to order that Little Black Number from ASOS, for your mother. Continue reading “First World Problems”

I Come From…


I come from pain, from happiness,
From right and wrong and in between,
I come from the persecuted, the hated,
The shunned, not allowed to be seen

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Not My Favourite Things

Jem Tovey

Auctions on eBay that don’t find a buyer,
Finding a nail in a nearly new tyre,
Those Facebook statuses with the word “blessed”,
These are some things that I mildly detest.

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A Man’s World…..

by Sophie Patel

Definition of a woman;
Tight waist,
Hourglass figure,
Plumped up lips, Continue reading “A Man’s World…..”

I Want Hope

by Mohamed Saloo

I don’t want hate
Scrawled across the cover of tabloid news
Stacked in supermarkets on newsstand pews
Pictures of faces in scornful hate
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I Can Vote In A Government

by Mohamed Saloo

Torrents of abuse
Flash in the battles of parliament
Cheap kicks and jibes
In the playground of masters
The playing fields for cameras
Recording nonsensical behaviour
Smirks in suits
Whilst the public struggle for a crust Continue reading “I Can Vote In A Government”