Jackie Darnbrough

Winter’s darkened days
now stretching minute by minute
to meet a lightened sky.
And I emerge slowly,
verdant tip of spring,
peeping from behind
cold glass


Jackie Darnbrough

Winters creeping cold
still pierces
Spring’s feeble efforts.
Holds on to dampening shrouds,
crushing unborn hopes
of daylight’s lengthening.

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Let The Chips Fall As They May

by Craig Lee

Let the chips fall as they May.
Let the chips fall as they did last May.
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Another Year

by David Honeybell

It’s New Year’s Day, and true to say, the whole world is full of hope,
everyone thinking of the year ahead, and how we’re going to cope.
We know there’ll be for each of us, events, some good some bad,
but we can’t change the future, will we be happy or will we be sad.
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FOBS Rail Spring Clean

by Mohamed Saloo

Off they go to a ‘rail’ spring clean

Brush up the platform with a head of steam

Baskets that hang and flowers with beds

Platforms get a sweep by broomstick heads

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