Calling It A Day


As the day pulls the down,
I rest my violin, sitting as it is, chestnut brown.
Still keen about music sheets,
my search goes on for tunes with a good beat.

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Sahera Patel

Have you ever felt the melodious bird song lifting up your tired wings?
Have you ever felt the power of sunbeams healing every aching limb?
Have you ever felt the celestial hymn easing the chaos in your mind?
Have you ever felt the strength of hope replacing despair with a smile?

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Stay Angry


Stay angry
Let it drive your actions and deeds
Stay angry
Do not fade gently into old age

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The Walls Speak

Mohammed Barber

From left to right
The walls speak,
Speak with anger
The voices who have
No pen nor paper
But walls, tunnels, and trains

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Raise The Bar

Marie Niland

Sad, empty eyes told the story,
Of a heart so very lost,
Who had searched the land for answers at every given cost.
Never finding a connection,
Always hatred & rejection.

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Who Begets Greatness?

Fehinti Ojelabi

Is Greatness for all?
Is it for the rich or the poor
is it for the small or the big?
or not at all?

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The Soldier


The soldier stood there as sad as a gloomy day
He didn’t know what to do at all, or what to say
He closed his eyes and wished to be home
Instead he was wishing all on his own.
As guilt flowed through his head for killing others
He tried protecting all his brothers.
Every head of the soldiers was burning hot
All of them were scared of being shot.

I’m Not Sorry

Sophie Patel

I am sorry, you are upset with me
I am sorry, you see no positives in me
I am sorry, you are disgraced in me
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