What Were They Thinking?


Curious minds scour the wreckage
Pouring over the items they find.

‘What happened here?’ they cry
Eyes dumbfounded and minds confused

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Let Me Breathe

Sophie Patel

Let me breathe
to save my soul.
Do not crowd
I’d rather drown.

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Judge Yourself

Sahera Patel

The silence wrapped itself around me, smothering senseless voice,
Cocooning me in blissful calm from naked, nauseating noise.

Bitter envy clothed in praise, a blackened heart lauds acclaim.
Face to face sincerity, followed by disparity, blatant contrariety.

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I Come From…


I come from pain, from happiness,
From right and wrong and in between,
I come from the persecuted, the hated,
The shunned, not allowed to be seen

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Never Ending To-Do List

by Tahera Mayat

I’ve done that task
In glory I bask
But not for long
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The Revered Female

by Sahera Patel

The Revered Female
Female Muslims, supressed they say.
Thoughts and voices kept at bay.
Born to breed, must take heed.
Brains in chains, master reigns. Continue reading “The Revered Female”

Stage Fright

by Justine Young

Shaking hands
Mouth dry, like sand
Standing, small
Not sure I want a voice at all. Continue reading “Stage Fright”