Marie Niland

I know broken,
where insanity nearly takes over,
life of torment & no one to ever hold you.
I know broken ,
when you cry yourself to sleep each night,
when eggshells is your life.
I know broken ,
when you feel like the biggest mistake,
never ends, there each time you wake…
I know broken,
bruises that you count, like its a game,
trying so hard to block out the pain.
I know broken,
a life of false promises and fakes,
giving all just to feel love for god sake.
I know broken,
each time I look into my children’s eyes,
the love and protection i feel, should of also happened for me!!,
so small and there was nothing…just lies & misery,
I have climbed so many mountains,
and fallen down them all,
I’ve cried rivers and all the seas,
used, abused & left in bits,
love…no! Never, nor genuine honesty.
My pieces now I gather one by one,
to put me back together again,
I know broken…he was my only friend,
broken I don’t want to be friends no more
Everything comes to an end…
I want peace now not more war.

Paper Is A Good Listener

Mohamed Saloo

Paper is a good listener
With an eloquence serene
The scrawling nib that writes
The thoughts of what I mean

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The Running Bug

Tahera Mayat

I lost my Parkrun newbie badge
At Oakwell Hall Parkrun in Birstall
It was the day before my birthday
So I was looking forward to cake

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What Were They Thinking?


Curious minds scour the wreckage
Pouring over the items they find.

‘What happened here?’ they cry
Eyes dumbfounded and minds confused

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Let Me Breathe

Sophie Patel

Let me breathe
to save my soul.
Do not crowd
I’d rather drown.

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Judge Yourself

Sahera Patel

The silence wrapped itself around me, smothering senseless voice,
Cocooning me in blissful calm from naked, nauseating noise.

Bitter envy clothed in praise, a blackened heart lauds acclaim.
Face to face sincerity, followed by disparity, blatant contrariety.

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I Come From…


I come from pain, from happiness,
From right and wrong and in between,
I come from the persecuted, the hated,
The shunned, not allowed to be seen

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