Never Ending To-Do List

by Tahera Mayat

I’ve done that task
In glory I bask
But not for long
Something else comes along Continue reading “Never Ending To-Do List”

The Revered Female

by Sahera Patel

The Revered Female
Female Muslims, supressed they say.
Thoughts and voices kept at bay.
Born to breed, must take heed.
Brains in chains, master reigns. Continue reading “The Revered Female”

Stage Fright

by Justine Young

Shaking hands
Mouth dry, like sand
Standing, small
Not sure I want a voice at all. Continue reading “Stage Fright”

A Man’s World…..

by Sophie Patel

Definition of a woman;
Tight waist,
Hourglass figure,
Plumped up lips, Continue reading “A Man’s World…..”

Sonnet 2, The Helpers

by Bilal Saloo

Your name will not be etched in history,
nor your life written for all to debate,
In time you will be left a memory,
But your actions will outlive any fate. Continue reading “Sonnet 2, The Helpers”

We Can Choose

by Mark Griffin

If I understand the world one way and you understand the world another way then
WE CAN CHOOSE to understand one another. Continue reading “We Can Choose”

Writer’s Block

by Tahera Mayat

Click, clack, click, clack
I fidget with my pen
As I think about
What to write next Continue reading “Writer’s Block”

Through A Hole The Size Of An Apple

by Mohammed Barber

Through a hole the size of an apple
He can see light in the distance
Faintly though it may be
He can hear the merrymaking and joy Continue reading “Through A Hole The Size Of An Apple”