Through A Hole The Size Of An Apple

by Mohammed Barber

Through a hole the size of an apple
He can see light in the distance
Faintly though it may be
He can hear the merrymaking and joy Continue reading “Through A Hole The Size Of An Apple”

Sounds Familiar?

by Jem Tovey

If there’s a cardinal sin in English it’s the usage of cliché,
We should think outside the box, at the end of the day.
It’s a big enough ask just to make these words rhyme,
Yet you expect originality at this moment in time?

Give me some new clichés, Sam Goldwyn once said,
So I’ll have to push the envelope before I put this one to bed.
I rose at crack of dawn and pressed my nose to the grindstone,
And now I’m at my wit’s end, just trying to strike the right tone.

I can run but I can’t hide, I’m tearing out my hair,
There’s nothing in my locker, the cupboard is bare.
I need some latitude for my platitudes, this is making me irate.
I don’t like to share my feelings, except in boiler plate.

I’ll plead the Fifth Amendment, does that exist in the UK?
If I can’t share my shibboleths, then there’s nothing more to say.
Toodle-pip and see you later, I’ve really got to fly,
See ya, don’t wanna be ya, never can say goodbye…


by Krinza Momin

Without a doubt,
the matters will break down.
You made her an object of curiosity,
or even a worst foul. Continue reading “Rape”

Bart And Bob

by Mohammed Barber

There once was a man called Bart
And he liked a good old fart

With baked beans and chips every other day
It’s no wonder people stayed away Continue reading “Bart And Bob”


by Jem Tovey

Hope springs eternal, so says the old cliché,
And it’s even more important in these days of Trump and May.
It’s becoming all too easy to heed the voices of division,
And those who stand for unity just seem to receive derision. Continue reading “Hope”


by Mohamed Saloo

Sundials viewed with a torch held high

A breath of depth and a glint in the eye

The tick and the tock, or digital glow

Minutes count down till seconds only show

Continue reading “#BatleyHour”

Tears of Blood

by L. Parker

Why is there so much hate in this world, people everywhere?
What makes us any different when we breathe the same air.
We talk about peace, but think about hate.
I don’t even need to elaborate.  Continue reading “Tears of Blood”


by Baldrick

Sometimes the knife twists
Or the pill
Is the bitterest
Or the path has snapped
And you find yourself back
At the beginning
The mind is convoluted Continue reading “Convoluted”