Jackie Darnbrough

Winter’s darkened days
now stretching minute by minute
to meet a lightened sky.
And I emerge slowly,
verdant tip of spring,
peeping from behind
cold glass


by Sophie Patel

Snow on the sills
Snow on the hills
Snow on the tree tops
But not on me:
The heat of the fire
The smell of hot chocolate
Indoors is the best place to be

A Snow Day Story

by Mohamed Saloo

One little boy
Was sat with a toy
When outside it started to snow
He threw down a book
“Mummy mummy look
In the sky, it’s falling snow” Continue reading “A Snow Day Story”

A Christmas Story

by David Honeybell

What’s Christ got to do with Christmas? I really would like to know.
Doe he deliver the presents, on a cold night covered with snow? Continue reading “A Christmas Story”

Homeless and Hopeless

by David Honeybell

It’s so quiet and peaceful to sleep under the stars,
on a warm summer’s night you can sleep feeling easy.
Until at three in the morning, just before light,
the birds in their roosts, awake and take flight. Continue reading “Homeless and Hopeless”

Another Year

by David Honeybell

It’s New Year’s Day, and true to say, the whole world is full of hope,
everyone thinking of the year ahead, and how we’re going to cope.
We know there’ll be for each of us, events, some good some bad,
but we can’t change the future, will we be happy or will we be sad.
Continue reading “Another Year”