The Cherished Town Library

by Mohamed Saloo

Across the square of towns old-gold

A stroll up steps to Carnegie’s soul

A caressing hand on door-frame-wood

Graced by an awe as truly one should

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Washday Blues

by Judith Greenwood

My washing machine broke down. It wouldn’t spin.

It just went round with all my washing in.

It jumped about the floor on rubber feet,

My laminated floor, all new, all neat.

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My Family

by Umaymah Patel

My family is happy
Sometimes funny
We all are fun
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Website Launch Event

Do you recognise any of the people below? I do. They’re all Batley Poets.

All the images below are from our website launch poetry event on Saturday 1 April. Click on any one to see more Continue reading “Website Launch Event”

Batley Food Bank

by Mohamed Saloo

Beyond the back of Square’s town hall
Lies a vault of precious haul
A bank that deals not in silver nor gold
But a commodity priceless from times of old Continue reading “Batley Food Bank”

An Offering of Poetry

by Mohamed Saloo

Squiggly lines on tree made pulp

That’s all it is

Composition of ideas to plead a case

That’s all it is

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My Village – Alipore

by Ahmad Gul

The second night

In this alien land

It is June

The day break

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