Turning 19

By Krinza Momin

Love, likeness, lust and attraction.
Jealousy, hatred, grudges, depression.
Dating, relations, heartbreaks and tension.
That’s how she wasted some years being teenager. Continue reading “Turning 19”


By David Honeybell

Why can’t we all live our lives, in harmony and love,
sharing all our dreams, our hopes and aspirations.
Removing all the barriers, the obstacles and fences,
that stop us from seeing each other’s consternation’s. Continue reading “Harmony”

It’s As Easy as…

By Maariyah Patel

It’s as easy as riding a duck or giving a child a lemon to suck,

It’s as easy as drinking ink or getting a cow to go pink, Continue reading “It’s As Easy as…”

Sweet Tooth

by Bilal Saloo

The sugary treats and sweets

were never far from my list,

or my fingers that reached

for the sweet jelly lips, Continue reading “Sweet Tooth”

The Office Black Hole Floor

by The Lady In The Office

Lose a nose stud or two
Where does it go
The office black hole floor Continue reading “The Office Black Hole Floor”

ART IS LONG – BUT LIFE IS FLEETING Or, The Script Girl Chooses Love

by Judith Greenwood

My boss says, “could this be the next ‘King’s Speech’?”

And slides a script across the desk to me.

It stops a hand’s breadth just beyond my reach.

The fact that it is huge is all I see – Continue reading “ART IS LONG – BUT LIFE IS FLEETING Or, The Script Girl Chooses Love”

Run For Jo

by Mohamed Saloo

Climb to the attic, dust off the chest
Rummage to find my old running vest
Dig down further, I know I’ll find
My canvas Dunlops from ’89

Continue reading “Run For Jo”

Let The Chips Fall As They May

by Craig Lee

Let the chips fall as they May.
Let the chips fall as they did last May.
Allow wounds to heal before treading new waters. Continue reading “Let The Chips Fall As They May”