True Faith 2020

Jem Tovey

King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, that to everything there is a season;
It follows that in life and death, there is a purpose and a reason.
As we sow, so shall we reap; said St Paul in Galatians.
The world turns, weather changes that holds true for every nation.

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An Invisible Enemy

Suleman Hadi

We shall remember this,
Corona has us all,
like no other enemy,
chained with invisible chains
like slaves
But walking chin up,
With a pride. Pretending,

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by Mohamed Saloo

Vimto waterfalls
Freefalling to the sea
Pink and white marshmallows
Perched upon a tree
Lime green laces
Form meadows on a hill
Flying on a unicorn
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This Bright Morning

Jackie Darnbrough

In bright morning
a pale sun chases away
night shadows.

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I Will Stand With You

Jem Tovey

At The Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King,
Wrote lyrics to an anthem we all should proudly sing.
It’s our character that counts, not the colour of our skin;
If we just recognise that, all society wins.
In the struggle for equality, know this to be true,
We all stand together and I will stand with you.

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The Power of History

Fehinti Ojelabi

I once knew a man who rose above the ordinary.

Who without a doubt thought before he spoke and read before he thought

Even though he is no longer with us,

He would live a thousand years and much more;

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My Poetry

Sayantan Datta

I write of blue, red and green, and sometimes of yellow and grey,
Sometimes I write of fields and mountains, and sometimes of dried rivers, instead.
Some days I write of battles and wars, and other days of duels raging in my mind,
All shades, and hues, and corners and caves, you will find in the rhymes I penned.

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Uninvited Guest


I am the Elephant in the room
The uninvited guest
The one you can’t look in the eye

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