Gujarati Gazal – Sevak Alipuri

by Sevak Alipuri



Gujarati Gazal – Ismail M. Daji

by Ismail M. Daji


Gujarati Gazal – Ahmad Gul

by Ahmad Gul


Gujarati Gazal – Masum Karolia

by Masum Karolia


Islam To ISIS

By Masum Karolia


Another Year

by David Honeybell

It’s New Year’s Day, and true to say, the whole world is full of hope,
everyone thinking of the year ahead, and how we’re going to cope.
We know there’ll be for each of us, events, some good some bad,
but we can’t change the future, will we be happy or will we be sad.
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Mills and Hills

by Jackie Darnbrough

Defiant by verdant hills

moribund in smoke  darkened majesty

chimney stack piercing a violet stained sky. Continue reading “Mills and Hills”

The Beach

by Maariyah Patel

The soft sand travels in between my toes,
I hear the calling of the water,
Thirsty for my being, Continue reading “The Beach”