Wot – No Rhyme!

Patricia Kelley

The Batley Poets society
Caused a sense of anxiety
When they said ‘It is time
For poems with no rhyme,
In the interests of aural variety.’

The Beach

by Maariyah Patel

The soft sand travels in between my toes,
I hear the calling of the water,
Thirsty for my being, Continue reading “The Beach”

Website Launch Event

Do you recognise any of the people below? I do. They’re all Batley Poets.

All the images below are from our website launch poetry event on Saturday 1 April. Click on any one to see more Continue reading “Website Launch Event”

An Offering of Poetry

by Mohamed Saloo

Squiggly lines on tree made pulp

That’s all it is

Composition of ideas to plead a case

That’s all it is

Continue reading “An Offering of Poetry”

A Moment in Time

by Judith Stones

A moment standing, silent, stilled.

A moment to remember when young blood spilled.

A moment for thoughts of loved ones we lost,

fighting for England, their lives were the cost.

Continue reading “A Moment in Time”

My Batley

by Mohamed Saloo

From the cobbled stones to the hills of green

Timeless vision of a Batley scene

Rich in history, diversity and faith

United in pride, friendship and praise Continue reading “My Batley”