Keep Down That Wall

Marie Niland

Sadness evident in them blue pools
You’re drowning aren’t you inside
Everything getting very heavy
Hard I know when you have pride
Silently; you try martyr on
Not drawing attention to bloodshed tears you’ve cried

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Keeping Cool

Justine Young

“Mum!” they shriek
Wriggling like worms,
“We can’t stand still for sun cream,
We promise we won’t burn.
But can we play out in our pants?
That will keep us cool.
We know, no cream, no playing out,
But it’s too hot for that rule!”

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A Story In A Poem – The Sun Does Not Shine For Me

by Sophie Patel

Oh how your face became a blur
The more and more distant you were.
Oh how I tried so hard
To remember, your face, your smile, your laugh.
Oh how I sat in the corner of my room and cried
no sound just tears
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I Love Our Little Family

by Sophie Patel

I love our little family
the way you all make me laugh
make me smile
sometimes even make me cry

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My Family

by Umaymah Patel

My family is happy
Sometimes funny
We all are fun
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