The Love of My Life

Jem Tovey

With apologies to Elizabeth Barratt Browning,
I’ve discovered the antidote to sadness and frowning.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,
You’re in my heart eternally, this is not a passing phase. Continue reading “The Love of My Life”

Love Tail

by Krinza Momin

As if someone has cast magic on them,

but seperation was a tragic trick.

At the edge of the frozen sea with a desire of warm breeze.

She lost all her dreams and he never slept in peace. Continue reading “Love Tail”


by Binti Muhammed

If I was a bird I would perch myself on the green dome and whisper words of love to you
If I was a bird I would fly around the world commendation you to everyone Continue reading “If…….”

Love Believes

by Mohamed Saloo

To love, to hold
To casually stroll
Thoughts of warmth
When times turn cold
Memories embrace
To bring a smile
Thoughts wonder
Away a while Continue reading “Love Believes”

A Valentine’s Day Verse

by Jem Tovey

My first love was a disaster, left me choked up with regret.
She told me I was her Romeo and she my Juliet.
I went to see her parents, to ask for her hand in marriage.
I told her dad what she had said, but he didn’t book a carriage
He said, “son don’t let all that fancy talk be any sort of guide,
They only lasted four days and six people died”. Continue reading “A Valentine’s Day Verse”

Different Kind Of Love

by Tahera Mayat

It’s been 14 hours since I left you
It never occurred to me to say goodbye
Optimistically walking to the train station
Full of energy and drive Continue reading “Different Kind Of Love”

True Love

by Kieran

True love:
Love you’re all mine
Mine to keep
And you’re such a treat Continue reading “True Love”

Unrequited Love

by Krinza Momin

I know how exactly love looks like!

Love wears uniform.

Love has fair skin.

Love has messy hair. Continue reading “Unrequited Love”