Pre-Brexit Menu – Making A Meal Of It

Mohamed Saloo

There’s a croissant for my breakfast
Spaghetti bolognaise for lunch
A Hungarian tart for teatime
Danish pastries for my brunch

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A Community Picnic

Mohamed Saloo

He’s my dad
He’s my son
I’m full of energy
I’m all done
There’s food to be had
True that be
I’ll walk it off
It’s Gaviscon for me!

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Paper Is A Good Listener

Mohamed Saloo

Paper is a good listener
With an eloquence serene
The scrawling nib that writes
The thoughts of what I mean

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8th December 1868

Mohamed Saloo

A historic moment
A milestone in time
The issued royal charter
By Victoria’s sign
To grant this town
Of shoddy fame
The right to define
Its future aims

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Remembering Srebrenica

Mohamed Saloo

Trucks with shouting tannoys
Came circling the town
Protectors imploring residents
To a supposed safe compound

Handed over like cattle
Protectors turned perpetrators
Sending victims to a slaughter
Leaders unveiled as fabricators

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When The Story Breaks of Genocide’s Wake

Mohamed Saloo

To witness, to hear
To release a tear
From safe havens far
Of a genocide scar

Reports incoming
Of random machine gunning
Pictures of a land
Where children once ran

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Knowing Courage

Mohamed Saloo

Knowing your neighbour
Whom you greeted
Turned upon you
In a dreadful night

Knowing your hometown
Where your ancestors grew old
To be told you’re a stranger
By a stranger invading your home

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If I Could Dream

by Mohamed Saloo

If I could dream
I’d picture a sky blanket blue
The sun waving its rays
The sea flowing so calm
The sand unblemished by feet
The beach free and pure
The hammock between the palm trees
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