Derwent Water

Suleman Hadi

Upon the Derwent I shall row
You sit in stern, and I in bow
Let’s drift away then wave by wave,
Play hide and seek in high and low.

I whisper, things I dare not say,
You blush, you smile, and look away,
Our eyes meet in waves beneath,
And this is how we play, all day.

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by Peter Irvine

I’ve planted trees
most of my life.
I’ve planted something
for future times. Continue reading “Trees”


by Binti Muhammed

If I was a bird I would perch myself on the green dome and whisper words of love to you
If I was a bird I would fly around the world commendation you to everyone Continue reading “If…….”


by Sophie Patel

Snow on the sills
Snow on the hills
Snow on the tree tops
But not on me:
The heat of the fire
The smell of hot chocolate
Indoors is the best place to be