Just Following Orders

Adil Usman

Just following orders.

That’s it.

Simply following orders.

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Your Voice is A Dream

Bilal Saloo

Your voice is a dream to me
One I can barely comprehend
as it slips from my grasp
as I witness your end

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I Am Not Human


I am not human

I am not part of this race

I am not human

I am no more than a disgrace

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I’ll never meet them
You took their lives
Their hopes, their dreams, their souls
They ended.

And those that you left alive
You took their lives.
Their hopes, their dreams, their souls
They ended.

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Remembering Srebrenica

Mohamed Saloo

Trucks with shouting tannoys
Came circling the town
Protectors imploring residents
To a supposed safe compound

Handed over like cattle
Protectors turned perpetrators
Sending victims to a slaughter
Leaders unveiled as fabricators

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When The Story Breaks of Genocide’s Wake

Mohamed Saloo

To witness, to hear
To release a tear
From safe havens far
Of a genocide scar

Reports incoming
Of random machine gunning
Pictures of a land
Where children once ran

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Knowing Courage

Mohamed Saloo

Knowing your neighbour
Whom you greeted
Turned upon you
In a dreadful night

Knowing your hometown
Where your ancestors grew old
To be told you’re a stranger
By a stranger invading your home

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Valiant Voices

by Sahera Patel

With every breath comes victory
Counteracting misery.
Resilient spirits embrace the light
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