by Tahera Mayat

Time is ticking away
Today is deadline day
You regret previous procrastination
But there is no time for frustration Continue reading “Deadlines”

Time Waits For No Woman

by Judith Greenwood

On Monday I got ready for the bus.

As I set off, I found a little stone

In my right shoe. I took it out.

That made me late.

I missed the bus. Continue reading “Time Waits For No Woman”

Old Love

By Jackie Darnbrough

Threads of shared sepia memories

bind us together.

We share painful moments

in our arthritic haze. Continue reading “Old Love”

A Moment in Time

by Judith Stones

A moment standing, silent, stilled.

A moment to remember when young blood spilled.

A moment for thoughts of loved ones we lost,

fighting for England, their lives were the cost.

Continue reading “A Moment in Time”