Window Peer


I think it’s week six though I can’t be sure,
Before, when I thought last, I found out it was more.
I can see it’s a long time from the length of my hair,
When I turn my neck I can feel it on my collar, there.

Turning on the radio, regular presenters but no live sport.
No cricket, no football no rugby, who’d have thought?
Listening to re-runs of world cups and great finals
There’s a limit though & soon the commentary dates like old vinyl’s.

So then I went to ‘Now’, ‘Amazon’ a various iPlayer’s
Watching all sorts of everything with many cultural, subliminal, artistic layers
Until my eyes went square and jaw locked in
With heavy eyes, a crooked neck & a 42” grin.

So here on week X I have had to go out and find
Wonders and fascinations of a different kind.
With seeds, old bananas and flowers in bloom
I’m happily watching bugs thru birds, fill my outside room.

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